Window Mullions for the Glass Windows

Aug 5th

Window Mullions – Glass windows have existed for hundreds of years, and their terminology and parts are the same today as they were when they were first invented. Progress has been made in window materials and operation, but the basic parts remain unchanged.

window mullions styles

Window mullions are thin pieces of wood that divide the individual crystals on the leaf of a window. In the past, the amounts were common and smaller, easier to produce and therefore less expensive pieces, glass intertwined to form large windows were left. Today, most of the posts are metal or are actually decorative as they are applied between the panes of double pane windows that are made from large pieces of glass. Sometimes they applied on the surface in place. The amounts used in this manner are generally known as grids.

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There are several methods of producers used to protect aluminum window mullions of damage when shipping. Protector with foam strips can be placed on a metal surface and acts as a protective barrier between the units are stacked. Amplified using cardboard edge protector 2.5-4.0 inches, can be affixed to all sides of the unit. Lastly, the rolled-up cardboard can be used in some cases if the weight of the unit is not enough. As for the glass walls can be protected from scratches during shipment using glass adhesive film.

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