Decorative with Ceiling Medallions

Jul 29th

Ceiling medallions – ceiling panel’s decorative locket is round, oval or square, they are often made of polyurethane, which may be fixed to the ceiling of the output of the lamps or ceiling fan. Fixing and then appear to hang from the center of the medal. Ceiling medallion is usually installed in the ceiling. They size and construction of the field, unless it is time consuming and often overlooked. As well as decorative event can also hide unsightly condition of the plaster or drywall, which can be difficult and costly to repair.

Wood Ceiling Medallions
Wood Ceiling Medallions

Decorated ceiling medallion was traced back to the earliest days of the Middle East, although the details of its use of vague. We know that the medals are duplicated in later years throughout Europe. They caught up with France and Italy. Italy and France have a strong motive reflects the success – times medal is the focal point of the rest of the room. Historically, medals are made of very heavy materials, such as iron, plaster or marble. They are often very ornate and detailed. Famous artists spend months or even years, hand-painted artwork. Ceiling medallion is now much more flexible in its use.

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There are endless possibilities for design, color, texture and material. Ceiling medallions can be made of wood, plaster, polyurethane, and other materials. They are also available to order marble. However, they are very expensive and must be installed by a qualified electrician, since most of their weight. Ceiling medallions vary in size from six inches in size up to 74 inches and larger in diameter. When decorating small spaces, such as hallways, medals smaller diameter would be enough, without being over power. More space to store more power. These are only suggestions, not rules. You can have a medal as big or small as you wish.

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